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Steve Mariucci: Brett Favre hates the attention

When speculation swirls about Brett Favre’s future plans, it’s hard not to view Favre as a drama queen who loves being the subject of media speculation.

But one of the people who knows Favre best, former NFL coach Steve Mariucci, insists that Favre doesn’t like attention at all.

“He hates it,” Mariucci said Wednesday on ESPN 1000 in Chicago.

Mariucci repeated the common refrain from friends of Favre that all Brett really wants to do is drive a tractor in the offseason.

“You know what he was doing yesterday? He was working in his yard,” Mariucci said. “He avoids the media as much as he possibly can. He could hold a press conference every day if he wanted to. People are always waiting for him outside his house, outside the high school where he does training and rehab there, and he avoids it.”

Of course, if Favre really wanted to avoid all the media speculation, he could always bring the speculation to an end by reporting to training camp.