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Tanya Snyder hears boos and chants of “sell the team” on Sunday

Following a tumultuous week off the field between Ron Rivera's angry presser and the drama surrounding Daniel Snyder, the Washington Commanders managed to pull together a big win over the Green Bay Packers.

The good news is that the Commanders won. The not-good news is that it was a long day for owner Tanya Snyder.

With Daniel Snyder nowhere in sight, Tanya Snyder invoked the team’s abandoned name at a pregame rally. The use of the dictionary-defined slur went over well, reportedly, during the gathering outside the stadium. Inside the stadium, things didn’t go quite as well.

Fans chanted “sell the team.” Also, when Tanya Snyder appeared on the video board during a video regarding breast cancer awareness (she’s a survivor of the disease), she was booed.

An account has emerged from a fan who contends that he was required by stadium staffers to ditch a sign that said “sell the team.”

Through it all, the Snyders seem to be defiant. But how much more will they take? At some point, doesn’t it make sense to just end it? They want to give the team to their children. Why would the children even want it?

Regardless, the time to sell has yet to arrive. Maybe it will require futile efforts to build a stadium or the departure of sponsors or fans boycotting the games. Maybe a season or two of no football at all for Commanders fans is exactly what it will take to lay the foundation for an eventual return of good football.

Or maybe the owners will do the right thing and vote Snyder out of Club Oligarch.