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Ten days later, there’s still no interest in Cam Newton

Ten days after he became a free agent, former NFL MVP Cam Newton continues to be unsigned. And there continues to be crickets around the league regarding his future.

As mentioned last night during the Cowboys-Buccaneers pregame show, Newton still wants to play -- and he knows he’s down to his last chance. As one coach explained it, however, Newton may already be at the end of the road.

No team has given any serious consideration to making Newton the backup. Like most former franchise quarterbacks (with the exception of Joe Flacco), Newton isn’t wired to stand on the sidelines and hold a clipboard. As another coach put it, the right situation could arise once the season unfolds.

His best play will be to wait for an injury. Even then, the question is whether the team will bring in Newton or rely on the next man up.

His Funky Friday episode regarding his release by the Patriots won’t help him get a new team, for one important reason. That new team will realize that, if it doesn’t work out, it likely will be the subject of an eventual Funky Friday.

Then there’s the vaccination issue. Newton isn’t vaccinated. While he insisted that his release by the Patriots had nothing to do with his vaccine status, it will be a factor in his next move.

If a need for his services arises, it will be immediate. Teams won’t want to have to wait five days to get him in the building. Thus, even though his father, who appeared in the video, admitted that he’s vaccine hesitant, Cam needs to become vaccine compliant if he wants to enhance his chances of getting another job in the NFL.