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The audio of Travis Kelce’s Super Bowl confrontation with Andy Reid could be buried forever

During Super Bowl LVIII, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce angrily approached coach Andy Reid, bumping him and almost knocking him down. Kelce yelled something, too.

What did he say? We’ll never know.

Even though NFL Films had microphones everywhere for the game, Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post reports that the raw audio of whatever Kelce said to Reid will be buried, likely for good.

It’s no surprise. NFL Films is owned and operated by the NFL. And when NFL Films throws a wire on everyone, discretion will need to be exercised at times about what actually will be used. Moreover, the teams involved surely have influence when it comes to whether something will or won’t be shared with the public at large.

The NFL Films footage including video, but not audio, of the Kelce-Reid confrontation was used on Inside the NFL, the one-time HBO must-see show that has been relegated to the CW (I think). A spokesperson for Inside the NFL declined comment to Glasspiegel.

So, yes, the audio surely exists. And, no, Big Shield is never going to let us hear it.