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The Browns won’t be trying to trade for Aaron Rodgers

Mike Holmgren says he "can’t imagine a relationship between the coach, or management, or whoever is making the decisions and a star like that getting to this point," and just "wouldn't allow it" if he were in charge.

The Packers have shown no inclination to trade Aaron Rodgers. And Rodgers is not believed to have the Cleveland Browns on his wish list of destinations. Even if both things were to occur, the Browns wouldn’t bite.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that the Browns aren’t interested in trading for Rodgers.

The Browns, per Cabot, are “ecstatic” that Baker Mayfield seemingly “turned the corner” in the season half of the 2020 season, leading the Browns to their first playoff appearance in 18 years and their first postseason victory since returning to the NFL in 1999 after three seasons in football limbo.

As Cabot notes, some have suggested that the Browns should offer Mayfield and more to the Packers for Rodgers. The Packers, however, would likely prefer to see what Jordan Love can do, which would require the Browns to do something else with Mayfield.

The question then would be where would Mayfield go? There are no obvious destinations for a player who, despite recent progress, remains firmly at No. 3 in this draft class, behind Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen.

Would the Browns be better with Aaron Rodgers? Few teams wouldn’t be. But why take three or four years with Rodgers when the Browns could keep trying to develop and improve Mayfield for many years beyond it?

The reality is that the Browns are choosing a longer-term approach over a quick fix. Thus, even if the Packers would trade Rodgers and even if Rodgers would want to go farther from the West Coast not closer to it, the Browns are making the right call by seeing whether Mayfield can become a player like Rodgers currently is.