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The first official “Will Favre play in 2011?” story of 2010

Brett Favre

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre speaks to the media during an NFL news conference at the team’s training facility, Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010 in Eden Prairie, Minn. (AP Photo/Hannah Foslien)


Earlier this year, we were told that the Vikings firmly believed that quarterback Brett Favre will play two more years. In deciding to return for 2010, Favre made it clear -- and has since reiterated -- that he’s indeed finished.

But is he? Favre “retired” in 2008 and in 2009. (In 2010, he knew not to bother.) Tom Pelissero of now shares some interesting, though in hindsight fairly obvious, comments from an unnamed NFC scout, who believes that there will still be a demand for Favre’s services.

He’s better than Shaun Hill and Jimmy Clausen,” the scout said of Favre. “Carson Palmer, [Favre’s] better than him.”

And so the scout thinks someone will want Favre. While the 41-year-old now avoids offseason workouts and training camp, 2011 may not include much of an offseason or training camp for anyone, given the ongoing labor situation. Who better to step right in an play for a team that has a good defense, a solid stable of running backs, a capable corps of receivers, but a quarterback whose overall skills conjure a word that rhymes with Chapstick?

The fact that Chilly has been sent to the showers in Minnesota makes the Vikings more of a a possibility that they were two weeks ago, given that Favre can really “stick it” to the team’s former coach by succeeding next year with a defense run by Leslie Frazier and an offense run essentially by Favre.

Other teams may be interested as well. And even though Favre may not get $16 million plus incentives for one more season of work, he may need whatever he can get if he spends much of his offseason working out the terms of a Sterger-driven divorce settlement. (Obviously, there’s no reason to believe the Favres will be relocating from Hattiesburg to Splitsville. Yet.)

Then there’s the possibility of a Roger Clemens approach, with Favre joining a team during the 2011 season due to injury or ineffectiveness.

Bottom line? It really won’t be over until a full season, and maybe two, go by without Favre playing at all.