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Todd Bowles claims players knew why Tom Brady was gone, but did they?

Tom Brady is back with the Buccaneers after an uncharacteristic absence, but at 45 years old, it's hard to tell if the time away will help or hurt him.

No one outside the Buccaneers organization knows why quarterback Tom Brady was gone for 11 days. Apparently, not many inside the organization knew, either.

Contrary to a recent suggestion by coach Todd Bowles that Brady’s absence “wasn’t a big deal to us because everybody knew what was going on,” the folks at make it clear that that multiple coaches and players were generally in the dark.

It’s possible that people are claiming not to know in order to help keep the truth concealed. Surely, some in the organization know the reason(s) for Brady’s absence. Those who have the knowledge have been respectful about not leaking it.

However, contrary to what Bowles said, the knowledge as to why Brady was gone may not be universal. But it’s Tom Brady, so no one will complain. He’ll surely be the same old Tom when it’s time to play the games, no matter how old he now is. And once we get to Week One and see him perform the same way he did when we last saw him on a football field, his 11-day break will be forgotten.