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Todd Gurley “prepared to not play” if NFL, NFLPA can’t agree on a COVID-19 plan

Mike Florio explains why even if the NFL and NFLPA don't reach an agreement on salaries for 2020, the season won't be derailed.

Falcons running back Todd Gurley says that if the NFL and NFL Players Association can’t come up with a good plan for playing football safely in a pandemic, the other alternative is not playing at all.

Gurley says he has so far been unimpressed with what he’s heard about how the league plans to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak among players.

“It’s really not structured right,” Gurley said on Tiki and Tierney. “There’s not a proper plan in place that I’m comfortable with. I don’t have a wife. I don’t have any kids. But you have to look at guys on the other side who have pregnant wives, kids and a wife that they go home to every single day. I just feel like in general we just need to come up with something a lot better than what they’re giving us. Everything they gave us is pretty last minute. We should have been able to have answers weeks ago, if not months ago.”

Gurley said he’s prepared to sit out entirely if there’s not a good plan in place to play the season safely.

“You have to be prepared to not play or be prepared to have a half a season,” Gurley said. “If they don’t do things right, we won’t have a full season. It’s just how things have been going so far this year. Hopefully everything goes well, but I don’t see how. It just doesn’t sit well right now.”

The league and the union are in the midst of negotiations to get a plan that satisfies everyone. If that doesn’t happen, some hard decisions will have to be made, and some players may decide not to play at all.