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Tom Brady says he dealt with knee injury since April or May of 2020

After Bruce Arians indicates he plans more shotgun work for Tom Brady at mandatory minicamp, Mike Florio and Chris Simms assess what to expect from the QB next season and how his knee surgery could be a factor.

Tom Brady’s mouth is potentially going to force the Buccaneers to write some checks.

Brady, who previously characterized his offseason Super Bowl as “pretty serious,” has made another comment about the condition that prompted surgical intervention.

Brady told reporters on Wednesday that the knee problem first surfaced last April-May. Here’s the problem for the Buccaneers: Brady never appeared on the injury report at any time in 2020 as having any type of knee issue.

The NFL previously declined comment on the situation, after Brady discussed his surgery.

“Every week I was kind of tending to my knee, and I thought I would love to see a season where I can focus on some other strength stuff that I want to do, some other technique stuff where I’m not just focused on protecting my knee all the time,” Brady last month.

In 2009, the NFL handed out multiple fines to the Jets for not disclosing Brett Favre’s partially torn biceps tendon in 2008. It happened because, as one league source explained it at the time, Favre’s constant comments about the undisclosed injury upon joining the Vikings forced the league to act. If the injury report is to have any integrity in an age of proliferating legalized gambling, the NFL may have to do so the same thing here, given Brady’s repeated admissions that point to a failure to properly disclose the knee injury that he so obviously had.