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Tom Brady to the Cowboys may not be as crazy as it sounds

Michael Irvin fired up Tom Brady-to-Dallas rumors before walking them back, but Mike Florio and Peter King don't think it may be the craziest idea in the world for the Cowboys.

Former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin made a stir by saying that that “some very significant people” told him that Tom Brady could sign with Dallas. Despite Irvin’s effort to jam the toothpaste back into the tube, he said what he said and it really may not be as crazy as it sounds.

Even though Irvin took to Twitter to say that the “very significant people” from which he heard the Brady-to-the-'Boys possibility isn’t Jerry Jones or anyone who works for him, the fact remains that “some very significant people” led Irvin to say that it’s a possibility. So maybe it is.

Consider this: Dak Prescott has the Cowboys by the cujones, and he’s squeezing. Hard. He has rejected all offers on a long-term deal, forcing them to consider the franchise tag. And if he’s tagged, Prescott may stay away from all offseason, training camp, and preseason work, showing up a week before the regular season begin. That would make it very difficult for the team to thrive in the first season of Mike McCarthy’s tenure as head coach.

Meanwhile, Jones remains desperate to win a Super Bowl with a team that he built. Although Prescott has shown that he can thrive as the team’s quarterback for the next decade, Brady has shown that he can win Super Bowls, given that he has six of them. And as much as I think Prescott has earned a massive contract, if the goal is to win a Super Bowl in 2020, Brady may give the Cowboys a better chance to do it -- especially if he’d be there from Day One of the offseason program.

It would still be a surprise if the Cowboys tag and trade Prescott while signing Brady. But it’s not as crazy as it seems, given Jones’ burning desire to hoist one more Lombardi in his lifetime. Again, Irvin heard about it from someone who knows something about the NFL. The fact that he so quickly clarified that he heard none of it from the Cowboys (possibly at the behest of the Cowboys) doesn’t change that.