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Tom Brady’s investment in Raiders shows how nutty Miami’s 2022 scheme was

While buying a portion of the Raiders would complicate Tom Brady’s path back to the field, Mike Florio and Chris Simms assess how viable of an option he’d be in the event Jimmy Garoppolo’s foot injury is an issue.

As more and more rules are cited and arguments are advanced regarding the issues with Raiders minority owner Tom Brady becoming Raiders quarterback Tom Brady, one question is becoming more and more obvious.

What in the hell were the Dolphins thinking in 2022?

That’s when they were planning to: (1) sell Brady a slice of the team; (2) hire Sean Payton to be the coach; and (3) eventually deploy Brady as the quarterback.

Owner Stephen Ross either overlooked or disregarded the issues inherent to Brady moving from ownership suite to sidelines. Beyond the fact that the Dolphins would have been required to swing a trade with the Bucs for Brady’s contractual rights, the Dolphins also would have needed, as we now know, a 32-0 vote of ownership to allow Brady to become a player.

Already, it seems obvious that multiple teams would have a problem with Brady making that transition with the Raiders, due either to his status as an extra player before he joins the roster or his potentially cap-circumventing compensation package. Did Ross not realize he would have faced similar issues if/when trying to sell some of the team to Tommy before using him to supplant Tua?

It underscores what an ill-conceived mess it all was, as primarily evidenced by the fact that the Dolphins ultimately got neither Brady nor Payton -- and lost a first-round pick in the process.