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Tyler Lockett’s real estate company becomes official sponsor of Seahawks

Mike Florio and Chris Simms discuss what the scene would’ve been like for Anthony Richardson if he had been available at No. 5 in the 2023 NFL Draft and the Seahawks had picked him up.

In a move that likely is unprecedented, a company owned by an NFL player has become a sponsor of the team for which he plays.

Via Adam Schefter of, receiver Tyler Lockett’s LivNServ Real Estate is the “official realtor” of the Seahawks.

Such moves open a potential can of worms. A low fee charged by the team becomes, in a roundabout and indirect way, income for the player.

But, hey, there was a seemingly too-cozy relationship between the Patriots and TB12, with Brady’s company providing services to the team and getting compensated for them, and the league by all appearances never said “boo” about it.

The league can be a stickler about teams circumventing the cap to give players value in other ways. Earlier this year, the Texans lost a fifth-round pick earlier this year for “undisclosed compensation in the form of a membership at an alternative athletic facility in 2020.”

The question becomes how the deal for Lockett’s company compares to other Seahawks sponsorships. If Lockett got a dramatically reduced rate, it could be an issue for the league.

If, of course, the league feels like doing anything about it. Consistency in enforcement is often a challenge for the league. Some situations spark scrutiny, while others barely prompt a shrug.