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Would NFL suspend a superstar for gambling, or brush it under the rug?

ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio discusses NFL players placing sports bets, how they may have been caught and flaws in the league's gambling policy.

As a noted NFL conspiracy theorist, it would be irresponsible for me to ignore a conspiracy theory that I’ve heard more than a few times in recent weeks -- and particularly in recent days.

If the NFL were to have evidence of a superstar violating the gambling policy, would said superstar receive the same punishment as the non-superstars at whom the league otherwise throws the book?

It’s tempting to say the league would look the other way. And maybe it would be tempted to try. After all, superstars (especially quarterbacks) stir the NFL’s drink. They schedule prime-time games based on which teams the prime quarterbacks will be playing for.

But it wouldn’t be easy. The evidence that has become low-hanging fruit for the league would be as undeniable as a star as it is for a slappy. Digital footprints, tracked by sports books and gaming commissions. Too many people beyond the NFL would know about a star player breaking the gambling rule; it would be difficult for the NFL to keep a lid on it.

Thus, the league would be foolish to even try to do it. The coverup could end up being far worse than the crime. And it’s all the more reason for the league to do everything it can to ensure that superstar players don’t violate the rules and force the NFL’s hand.