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Yes, some NFL coaches earn more than what they officially earn

Chris Simms breaks down what's been going wrong for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense as Seattle languishes in a three-game losing streak.

On Wednesday, we noted that, within a couple of years, the highest-paid coaches in the NFL will be making $25 million annually. Along the way, a point that has been made in the past was reiterated -- as to some of the highest-paid coaches in football, a large chunk of their compensation comes from sources other than the wages they officially earn from being coaches.

Some have pushed back on the idea. Some who, based on their time and tenure working in and around the league should, frankly, know better.

One source with access to data regarding the official salaries of coaches tells PFT that, on the league’s books, the highest-paid coach makes $13 million per year. That alone proves that some coaches are making more than what officially is reported to the NFL. Indeed, there’s no way Patriots coach Bill Belichick makes only $13 million. It’s widely believed that he’s already north of $20 million. He earns every penny of it, and then some.

We’re told that at least two other coaches are already north of $15 million, NFL’s official numbers be damned.

It’s not a violation of any league rules for teams to funnel other money to coaches through related businesses. There’s no salary cap; teams can pay coaches as much -- or as little -- as they want.

The former gets obscured in part to support the latter. By keeping the full extent of coaching salary off the books, the curve doesn’t get destroyed. The rising tide doesn’t lift all boats. The guys who aren’t getting the very most don’t realize how big the gap really is between what they’re making and what others are making.

That’s how it works. For some coaches. For the best and most accomplished coaches. For those who aren’t yet sufficiently accomplished to get significant alternative payments, what are you doing reading this? Get back to work.