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YouTube TV alerts subscribers to upcoming arrival of NFL Sunday Ticket

Sean Payton says he'll make regular use of the ability to shove a runner from behind until the NFL changes the rule. Peter King says it's "dumb" that it's still allowed and would be "shocked" if it doesn't get changed.

We knew it was coming, but there was still something special about opening the email from YouTube TV alerting subscribers that NFL Sunday Ticket is coming soon.

“Need more football this fall?” the message explains. “We got you. Starting this upcoming 2023 NFL season, you’ll be able to add NFL Sunday Ticket to your membership to watch every out-of-market Sunday afternoon game.”

The email drops a footnote to these “blackout disclaimers": “You will generally receive out-of-market Sunday afternoon games unless the game is locally broadcast. Your billing address (zip code) is associated with your streaming access. However, due to NFL rules, you might also see blackout restrictions based on your mobile device’s location (e.g., subscribers might not be able to stream while attending an NFL game or in surrounding stadium areas). If there is an outage in your location, we’ll do our best to let you know.”

From its inception in 1994, Sunday Ticket had been available only on DirecTV.

Sunday Ticket will be available as both a YouTube premium channel and as an add-on to YouTube TV.

There will be more details over the coming month, including price point and features and potential flexibility. It has always been an all-or-nothing transaction, with no ability to purchase the product by weekend or by team. Maybe that will change, as of 2023.