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Laich helps stranded motorist, becomes folk hero

What would you do if you were a member of a team that just lost an excruciating Game 7 in the playoffs? Going home to a dark room and brood quietly listening to emo music might be something, say, Mike Green would do. But what if you were a fine Canadian boy named Brooks Laich? The answer is pretty simple then, you’d take time out of your ride home to help out someone in need.

After his team’s wheels came off in the NHL playoffs, Washington Capitals forward Brooks Laich helped a stranded motorist by changing her car’s flat tire.

Driving following Washington’s 2-1 home loss to the Montreal Canadiens in Game 7 of their first-round series, Laich pulled over when he saw the stopped car and got out to lend a hand, The Washington Post’s website reported on Thursday.

This would normally be the time to come out and say that hockey players are a different breed and that you can’t picture anyone from any other major sport doing something like this, except we did see this same sort of thing back in November from Yankees manager Joe Girardi after winning the World Series.

Brooks Laich was already a pretty well loved player in now hockey forlorn Washington, D.C. but this just helps vaults his folk hero status into outer space. Not everyone has their own t-shirt these days, you know.