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Minnesota man arrested for DUI...on a Zamboni


Canada, Victoria, ice resurfacing machine on ice rink, rear view

Getty Images

A 34-year-old Minnesota man was arrested Monday for allegedly driving a Zamboni drunk.

Fortunately, he wasn’t pulled over on the highway.

Via the StarTribune:

About 25 minutes into what should have been a 10-minute job resurfacing the ice, the driver -- a part-time employee of the city of Apple Valley -- tried to maneuver the unwieldy machine into the arena garage. By then, coach Bryan Dornstreich had called 911.

… Before the PeeWee C players, ages 11 to 13, took the ice, Dornstreich said he noticed that the rink attendant was “making stripes on the ice.” But the driver went back and corrected all his mistakes. After the game it was a different story, though.

While Dornstreich was working with a referee, a parent ran over to say that the rink attendant was “weaving all over, slurring his words.”

The paper reports there have been arrests in Minnesota for DUI on “everything from a souped-up motorized recliner to a farm tractor,” but it didn’t say anything about a Zamboni.

PS -- We’re not sure if there’s a difference between a motorized recliner and a “souped-up” motorized recliner. But if there is, we hope it involves hydraulics.