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Alpine skiing World Cup speeds up; winter sports broadcast schedule

The Alpine skiing World Cup visits Beaver Creek, Colorado, for the first time in two years. With four races scheduled, it could be well worth the wait.

The Birds of Prey stop on the men’s circuit includes one extra race this season after cancellations last weekend in Lake Louise, Canada.

Beaver Creek is slated to hold super-Gs on Thursday and Friday and downhills on Saturday and Sunday, all airing on NBC Sports and Peacock.

Ryan Cochran-Siegle, who last season became the first U.S. man to win a World Cup super-G in 14 years, is expected to lead the American contingent on home snow.

The women’s Alpine World Cup heads to Lake Louise for its first speed races of the season. Mikaela Shiffrin, bidding to race all five individual events at the Olympics, is expected to race both downhills and a super-G.

Also this weekend, the speed skating World Cup makes its lone stop in the U.S. at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics venue.

U.S. Ski and Snowboard’s Visa Big Air World Cup event for skiers and snowboarders is set for Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Alpine Skiing World Cup -- Beaver Creek, Colorado (Men) and Lake Louise, Canada (Women)

DayTime (ET)EventPlatform
Thursday1:45 p.m.Men’s Super-GPeacock | STREAM LINK
11 p.m.*Men’s Super-GNBCSN | STREAM LINK
Friday12:30 p.m.Men’s Super-GNBCSN | STREAM LINK
2:30 p.m.Women’s DownhillPeacock | STREAM LINK
Saturday1 p.m.Men’s DownhillNBCSN | STREAM LINK
2:30 p.m.Women’s DownhillPeacock | STREAM LINK
5 p.m.*Men’s DownhillNBC | STREAM LINK
Sunday12:30 p.m.Women’s Super-GPeacock | STREAM LINK
2 p.m.Men’s DownhillPeacock | STREAM LINK
4 p.m.*Men’s DownhillNBC | STREAM LINK

Bobsled/Skeleton World Cup -- Altenberg, Germany

DayTime (ET)EventPlatform
Friday3:55 a.m.Women’s | STREAM LINK
8:25 a.m.Men’s | STREAM LINK
4 p.m.*Women’s SkeletonOlympic Channel | STREAM LINK
5 p.m.*Men’s SkeletonOlympic Channel | STREAM LINK
Saturday3:55 a.m.Women’s | STREAM LINK
8:25 a.m.Two-Man | STREAM LINK
4 p.m.*Women’s MonobobOlympic Channel | STREAM LINK
5 p.m.*Two-Man BobsledOlympic Channel | STREAM LINK
Sunday4:20 a.m.Two-Woman | STREAM LINK
8:25 a.m.Four-Man | STREAM LINK
6 p.m.*Two-Woman BobsledOlympic Channel | STREAM LINK
7 p.m.*Four-Man BobsledOlympic Channel | STREAM LINK
10 p.m.*HighlightsNBCSN | STREAM LINK

Luge World Cup -- Sochi, Russia

DayTime (ET)EventPlatform
Saturday2:30 | STREAM LINK
6:30 p.m.*HighlightsNBCSN | STREAM LINK
Sunday2:30 | STREAM LINK
5:30 a.m.Sprint | STREAM LINK
6:15 a.m.Sprint | STREAM LINK
6:50 a.m.Sprint | STREAM LINK

Speed Skating World Cup — Salt Lake City

DayTime (ET)EventPlatform
Friday2:30 p.m.Women’s 500mPeacock | STREAM LINK
2:58 p.m.Men’s 500mPeacock | STREAM LINK
3:37 p.m.Women’s 3000mPeacock | STREAM LINK
4:35 p.m.Men’s 5000mPeacock | STREAM LINK
Saturday2:30 p.m.Women’s 500mPeacock | STREAM LINK
3:07 p.m.Men’s 1500mPeacock | STREAM LINK
3:56 p.m.Women’s 1000mPeacock | STREAM LINK
4:40 p.m.Men’s Mass StartPeacock | STREAM LINK
5:04 p.m.Women’s Team PursuitPeacock | STREAM LINK
Sunday2:30 p.m.Men’s 500mPeacock | STREAM LINK
3:07 p.m.Women’s 1500mPeacock | STREAM LINK
3:57 p.m.Men’s 1000mPeacock | STREAM LINK
4:41 p.m.Women’s Mass StartPeacock | STREAM LINK
5:05 p.m.Men’s Team PursuitPeacock | STREAM LINK
10 p.m.*HighlightsNBCSN | STREAM LINK

Biathlon World Cup -- Oestersund, Sweden

DayTime (ET)EventPlatform
Thursday8 a.m.Women’s 7.5km SprintOlympic Channel | STREAM LINK
10 a.m.Men’s 10km SprintOlympic Channel | STREAM LINK
Friday2 a.m.*Men’s 10km SprintNBCSN | STREAM LINK
Saturday7 a.m.Women’s 10km PursuitOlympic Channel | STREAM LINK
9 a.m.Men’s RelayOlympic Channel | STREAM LINK
Sunday2 a.m.*Women’s 7.5km SprintNBCSN | STREAM LINK
6:30 a.m.Women’s RelayOlympic Channel | STREAM LINK
9:30 a.m.Men’s 12.5km PursuitOlympic Channel | STREAM LINK
5:30 p.m.*Women’s RelayNBCSN | STREAM LINK
Monday5:30 p.m.*Men’s RelayNBCSN | STREAM LINK

Cross-Country Skiing World Cup -- Lillehammer, Norway

DayTime (ET)EventPlatform
Friday6:30 a.m.Men’s/Women’s SprintsPeacock | STREAM LINK
Saturday4 a.m.Men’s 15kmPeacock | STREAM LINK
6 a.m.Women’s 10kmPeacock | STREAM LINK
Sunday3:20 a.m.Men’s RelayPeacock | STREAM LINK
5:45 a.m.Woen’s RelayPeacock | STREAM LINK

Ski Jumping World Cup -- Lillehammer, Norway (Women) and Wisla, Poland (Men)

DayTime (ET)EventPlatform
Friday12 p.m.Men (Qualifying)Peacock | STREAM LINK
Saturday10:30 a.m.Men’s TeamPeacock | STREAM LINK
12:15 p.m.WomenPeacock | STREAM LINK
Sunday10 a.m.MenPeacock | STREAM LINK
11:30 a.m.WomenPeacock | STREAM LINK

Nordic Combined World Cup -- Lillehammer, Norway

DayTime (ET)EventPlatform
Friday5:30 a.m.Women’s Ski JumpPeacock | STREAM LINK
8:30 a.m.Women’s 5kmPeacock | STREAM LINK
Saturday3 a.m.Men’s Team Ski JumpPeacock | STREAM LINK
5:25 a.m.Women’s Ski JumpPeacock | STREAM LINK
7:40 a.m.Men’s Team RelayPeacock | STREAM LINK
8:50 a.m.Women’s 5kmPeacock | STREAM LINK
Sunday4:50 a.m.Men’s Ski JumpgPeacock | STREAM LINK
8 a.m.Men’s 10kmPeacock | STREAM LINK

Freestyle Skiing World Cup -- Ruka, Finland (Aerials, Moguls) and Steamboat Springs, Colorado (Big Air)

DayTime (ET)EventPlatform
Thursday9:30 a.m.AerialsPeacock | STREAM LINK
Friday3:40 a.m.Women’s AerialsPeacock | STREAM LINK
6:15 a.m.Men’s AerialsPeacock | STREAM LINK
9:30 a.m.Team AerialsPeacock | STREAM LINK
Saturday9 a.m.MogulsPeacock | STREAM LINK
3 p.m.Big AirPeacock | STREAM LINK
11 p.m.*Big AirNBCSN | STREAM LINK

Snowboarding World Cup -- Steamboat Springs, Colorado

DayTime (ET)EventPlatform
Saturday11:30 a.m.Big AirPeacock | STREAM LINK

*Delayed broadcast

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