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How to watch an NBC Olympics livestream on Apple TV


Wondering how to watch a livestream from the LiveExtra app on to your Apple TV? We’ve got you covered:

  • Turn on your Apple TV and make sure your iPad/iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi
  • Launch the NBC Olympics Live Extra App (download it from the Apple Store if you have not already)
  • Place your finger on the bottom of your screen and drag upwards. This should reveal a menu
  • Towards the bottom of that menu will be a button that says AirPlay. Click it
  • This will reveal another menu. Click the option for Apple TV. Make sure the mirroring flip is switched to on
  • You should see your app reflected on the screen
  • On your iPad/iPhone, navigate to whatever stream/highlight clip you want to watch
  • That stream/clip will play on your television through your Apple TV
Be sure to follow @LiveExtra on Twitter for links to every second of live Sochi 2014 competition.

Watch @NBCOlympics @LiveExtra streams of #sochi2014 via iPhone mirrored to Apple TV:

— Rick Racela (@ric_rac) February 7, 2014