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Wake Boarding’s pitch for the 2020 Olympics


Wake Boarding’s History: Run by the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation, which has actually been around since 1936. Go figure. Wake boarding is a first time bidder and would join sailing, rowing, and canoe/kayak on the water as their hipper, younger subjectively-judged relative.

Notable Stats: The WF has almost 100 nations and first held its World Championships in 2000.

The Pitch: Snowboarding on water. Kind of. Wake boarding is another appeal by the IOC for young athletes and fans to join the Olympic movement. The growing sport is also incredibly exciting and incredibly watchable on TV, since you can put camera anywhere on the boat or along the course.

The Odds: 50 to 1. Because it’s also relatively new to the world stage, isn’t a great live spectator sport, and requires a specially built cablepark for the competition, all of which stack the odds against the first time bidder. It could definitely make it in the Games if officials work out a few kinks.