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Men In Blazers video: 7 stages of Lampard grief, and Andrew Luck

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.25.45 PM

It’s hard for some new MLS fans to let go their anger of Frank Lampard’s Manchester City stay, but it would appear Chelsea fans are having even more difficulty than NYCFC about letting their legend go after he spent over a decade at Stamford Bridge. The self-loathing is a bit much tho...

Oh and there’s match highlights too. A match happened. Forgot about that.

Arsenal had a monstrous win over the weekend, a 5-0 thumping of Aston Villa, and Rog and Davo break down Brad Guzan’s troublesome day as well as dissect how Romelu Lukaku bagged a somewhat klunky goal in Everton’s win over Crystal Palace.

Fans of the week, and a special segment today, scarves of the week! Louis van Gaal makes a rather large appearance.

Rog and Davo sit down with Andrew Luck, who is an avid soccer fan and made his way to Brazil this summer for the World Cup. Davo took the neck beard a bit too far, ew. Also, dinner somehow appeared between questions, because Andrew Luck is not just a quarterback but also a sorcerer.

Finally, sticking with the NFL theme the day after the Super Bowl, the Men in Blazers pick their starting 11 from the NFL in a soccer team. Three from the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots made it, along with a few other stars from around the league. Plus a kicker!

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