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Twitter reacts to #DempseyWatch

Since this all started on Twitter, it feels only right to go there for some reaction. Here are several hand-picked posts from the twittersphere:

Just got my Sounders jersey personalized, at great expense. #DempseyWatch

— Paul Buxton (@paulbux) August 3, 2013

Allocation process, retention funds, allocation money, player rights, Bona fide offer, DP, young DP, gen Adidas...@MLS #dempseywatch

— Jacob R Richard (@jrrpdx97) August 3, 2013

Soccer freaks roaming airports (& twitter) in search of a glimpse of the #USMNT captain: 2013 is an amazing time to be alive. #Dempseywatch

— Charles Boehm (@cboehm) August 2, 2013

I think #DempseyWatch has been upgraded to a #DempseyWarning

— Zeeburn (@AfterbyrneA7X) August 3, 2013

I think #DempseyWatch has been upgraded to a #DempseyWarning

— Zeeburn (@AfterbyrneA7X) August 3, 2013

Dempsey to Seattle. My mind is blown. MLS is painful to watch. I was hoping for an Everton move. #dempseywatch

— Tyler Chewning (@tlchewning) August 3, 2013

Let’s face it Megan Rapinoe is still the best signing by a Seattle team THIS YEAR #dempseywatch

— Daniel Samuel (@danielsamueljr) August 3, 2013

Quit it, man. You all know full well Dempsey has no business coming back to America anytime soon. #DempseyWatch

— Davin Lassiter (@MisterLassiter) August 3, 2013

How long until @macklemore & @RyanLewis write a song about @clint_dempsey ? What would it be called? #dempseywatch

— Adam Serrano (@LAGalaxyInsider) August 2, 2013

And a real-time ticker, so you don’t miss anything:

[protected-iframe id="983f8d5d49c56fecc1c4af3045c7300b-33383242-14172250" info="p+" ]

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