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Maame Biney, J.R. Celski join U.S. Olympic short track team
The Olympic Trials wrap up Sunday.
Lindsey Vonn wins 78th World Cup race (video)
Vonn had a scare near the bottom of the course.
Vonn reinvigorates medal hopes with World Cup win
Lindsey Vonn overcame early season back and knee troubles to win her 78th World Cup race and her first win in nearly a year.
Olympic super-G champion Anna Veith wins first World Cup race in two years
The 28-year-old Austrian is coming back from a knee injury sustained after she won Olympic gold in Sochi
Lindsey Vonn pulls out of World Cup super-G race because of sore knee
Vonn tweeted, "To be on the safe side I’m going to give my body some rest."
Hamiltons into mixed doubles curling finals
Matt and Becca Hamilton explain how they were able to turn the semifinals in their favor after a remarkable fifth end at U.S. Olympic Trials.
Hamiltons a step closer to another Olympic berth
Matt and Becca Hamilton defeated John Shuster and Cory Christensen in the semifinals of the U.S. Olympic Trials for mixed doubles curling.
Julia Mancuso struggles in France
Julia Mancuso is still trying to work her way back into top form after a two-year layoff.
Nick Goepper opens Olympic qualifying on podium; contenders crash out
The next Olympic qualifier is in January.
Steven Nyman isn't giving up Olympic hope
Steven Nyman discusses his traumatic knee injury and how he's able to block out the fear of suffering another injury.
Wiles records a DNF in France
Jackie Wiles' aggressive line in the World Cup super-G event did not pay off as she flew by a gate.
Lindsey Vonn isn't worried about her back
Lindsey Vonn discusses how she was able to fight through the back injuries that have plagued her and how she was able to gain her confidence back.
J.R. Celski punches his ticket to PyeongChang
J.R. Celski fought through numerous injuries to qualify for his third Winter Olympics.