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Dunn’s girlfriend says he ‘has never struck me’

Contrary to a police report, LacharlesLa Edwards says LaceDarius Dunn never hit her.

The girlfriend of the Baylor guard issued a statement Wednesday stating that he “has never struck me during our long term relationship” and doesn’t want to press charges stemming from the Sept. 27 incident that sent her to the hospital.

Furthermore, she denied having a broken jaw and chided the media for having reported as much.

From the statement:

“My family and I are deeply disturbed about the misinformation and half truths that are being reported by media regarding the incident with my boyfriend,” Edwards said in the statement.

“What happened on the night of September 27 was an accident and I went to the hospital for precautionary reasons. I never expressed any interest in pressing charges nor will I in the future press charges on this incident. I am fine and my jaw is not broken as is being reported.

“My family and I wish to put this situation behind us. Lace and I will continue our relationship and raising our son in a good environment.”

She also asked the school to lift the indefinite suspension on the guard.

Given Edwards’ stance, Dunn seems unlikely to face a long-term suspension or serious legal action from the incident. Police can still prosecute, but without her cooperation, a conviction is harder to obtain.

If Dunn eventually pleads to a misdemeanor, expect a 4-game suspension from Baylor, which seems to be the standard punishment in cases like these.

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