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Court rush to celebrate Indiana win injured Playboy model


Mike Miller


Mike Miller

Kentucky wasn’t the only loser last weekend in Indiana. Playboy readers (oglers?) also took a hit thanks to the post-game celebration.

Megan Dills, a 2007 Kentucky graduate who attended the game, says she was knocked down by ensuing court rush after the game. She landed on her ankle, it swelled up (and may have some tendon damage) and she had to cancel her shoot this Saturday for Playboy.

It apparently was quite the scene. From VaughtsViews:

“You couldn’t hear yourself think, much less scream for UK. There was a girl two rows behind me that said, ‘Sit your blond — down.’ I turned around and probably said some not so nice things myself back. But it was a good time, or at least it was until the end.

“All those fans came out of their seats and rushed the floor like idiots. The next thing I knew, I was knocked down five or six steps. I think the guy who actually knocked me down is the one who did at least pick me up. After I got hurt, I was scared to death.”

Dills says she’s not too bummed, though. She was one of the “Girls of the SEC” back in 2008 and says she does “a lot” of Playboy shoots.

But I’m guessing she’s done scheduling them after road trips to watch the Wildcats play.

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