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Stevens’ glasses a superstition? Or is it more simple?


Brad Stevens’ glasses may be in demand, but he’s not seeing it. He’s also not seeing them as a good luck charm.

He’s wearing them … to see.

An eye injury (a corneal edema that caused his eye to swell) during Butler’s regular-season finale prompted the former to wear glasses as a form of protection. But the Bulldogs haven’t lost since he donned the glasses, leaving some players to maintain Stevens wears them because he thinks they’re lucky.

“I know he’s not going to take them off this year because we haven’t lost since he started wearing them,” junior Ronald Nored said.

Fans caught on – a #FearTheGlasses hashtag on Twitter popped up – and sales of his glasses increased around Indianapolis. So the media in Houston, eager to get to the bottom of everything, asked Stevens point blank.

Q. Your players say you will continue to wear the glasses because its superstition now, you’re winning. I don’t recall last year a lot of superstition. Are you superstitious? If so, any other superstitions? Second part, who was the designer of the glasses, who is the maker, and how many requests have you gotten for where you get your glasses?

Stevens: They’re Nautica. Nobody has requested anything (smiling).

I think you’re always somewhat superstitious as a coach. The reason I’m wearing the glasses is so I can see. I have found that I’m a better coach when I can see than when I can’t, so that’s the reason I’m wearing the glasses.

Yeah, I mean, I’m not going to go to contacts this week. I haven’t had time to go get new contacts. I haven’t had time to go take care of them. The reason the glasses are still on is so I can do my job as well as I can.

To be fair, the glasses can’t be the luck factor for the Bulldogs. They haven’t lost since Feb. 5, six games before Stevens’ eye injury. But it’s the Final Four. I wouldn’t break with tradition now.

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