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Tech fires another shot across Leach’s bow

The war between Texas Tech and fired former head coach Mike Leach has escalated this afternoon as the school released a pair of sworn affidavits from two of the principle characters in this off-field drama.

And, let’s just say it’s a shift from some of their previous statements.

In Steve Pincock‘s affidavit, which can be read in its entirety HERE, the head football athletic trainer stated that he felt “Leach’s treatment of [Adam] James was inappropriate and I did not agree with it.”

James, the son of ESPN analyst Craig James, had suffered what was diagnosed as a mild concussion during a practice on Dec. 16, and was advised by team physician Dr. Michael Phy that he “should not practice and that he should not perform exercise that would increase pressure on his head, and be symptom free for one week.” The next day, “James arrived for practice wearing street clothes, his cap on backwards, and sunglasses and began walking around the field in a very nonchalant way.”

That’s when, as Toby Keith puts it, the fit hit the shan.

According to Pincock in his affidavit, Leach called him over after viewing James’ nonchalance “and asked what James was doing.” Pincock told the coach “that James was walking the field. ... Leach was upset and concerned about James’ appearance and attitude” and did not want the receiver “loafing while other players were working.”

At that point, Leach instructed Pincock “to place James in a dark place near the practice field.” Leach then put the exclamation point on the order with the following blast, the words of which will likely become an instant Internet sensation.

“Lock his f-cking p-ssy ass in a place so dark that the only way he knows he has a d-ck is to reach down and touch it,” Leach reportedly told Pincock.

(And here we all thought “fat lil’ girlfriends” was colorful.)

Perhaps the most damning part of Pincock’s new statement is that Leach “wanted James to be uncomfortable.” Needless to say, in this new age of sensitivity to head injuries, that will not go over very well in some corners.

Pincock also remarked that he apologized to James “for having to place him in a dark shed”. He reiterated that he did “not agree with this form of treatment for anyone”.

The affidavit of team physician Michael Phy -- the entire affidavit right HERE -- and the doctor confirms the concussion diagnosis. He also stated that he did not agree with the way James was treated.

“I did not instruct anyone with Texas Tech to place James in an enclosed and dark place, and in my medical opinion there was no medical reason to require James to stand in an enclosed dark space for up to three hours. In spite of the fact that James may not have been harmed by these actions, I consider this practice inappropriate, and a deviation from the medical standard of care.”

Needless to say, Tech will use these statements as ammunition in their expected legal battle with Leach and his attorney. Of course, Leach’s attorney will be very interested to find out why there was such a difference in statements made previously by Pincock and Phy.

Either way, this situation has gone from bad to worse to “holy crap!” in a span of less than a week.