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Twenty pounds heavier, with a 5.5-degree driver, Bryson DeChambeau is one back

FORT WORTH, Texas – Colonial Country Club is not a bomber’s golf course. Hogan’s Alley is where ball-striker’s come to have their day on a Tour littered with big ball parks.

Evidently, Bryson DeChambeau didn’t get the memo.

The PGA Tour’s preeminent gym rat is tied for second place at the Charles Schwab Challenge after a second-round 65, and it’s largely due to his ability to drive the ball ridiculous distances.

DeChambeau is leading the field in driving distance with a 300.4-yard average, and he figures that’s not even close to what he’s capable of on a course that would allow for more drivers.

“Quite honestly I can’t use it (his increased speed) out here. There’s only a couple holes I can use it, No. 11 and No. 1 and No. 2 really,” DeChambeau said of his distance gains.

DeChambeau packed on 20 pounds during the quarantine in his continued quest for more speed and longer drives. His transformation has been so dramatic that the limited number of fans around the 18th green on Friday were guessing his weight.

“They were quite a bit off,” DeChambeau said. “They said like something around 350 area, and they’re 100 pounds off.”

So just how much does he weigh? And where exactly is all this leading?

“I’m only 235 to 240 right now,” he said. “I think when I play these next three weeks, I’ll get down to 230. But my ultimate goal is to get as strong as I can, and I don’t know what that weight is. I’m just going to keep proportionally making everything stronger and applying some force and speed to the golf swing to see what it can handle.”

Right now, golf clubs are having a tough time handling him. It’s why he’s had to make some changes in his bag. He’s now playing a 5.5-degree driver, he’s de-lofted all his irons, and he’s looking to add a 10-degree 3-wood.

“I’m producing so much spin I have to change the clubs [themselves],” he added. “It’s crazy.”

Just for reference, DeChambeau is now a good 40 pounds heavier than he was when he won the U.S. Amateur and the NCAA individual title in 2015, when he says he was just shy of an even 200. But that, of course, was five years ago.

He’s up two shirt sizes, from medium to extra large, since just last season.

“It’s a little big fit on me depending on the style of shirt, but I love it,” DeChambeau said. “It feels comfortable. My back, honestly, in this XL fits perfect. So I have had to change some stuff.”