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WADA reviewing IGF-1 as a banned substance


Confusion caused by Vijay Singh’s use of deer-antler spray has prompted the World Anti-Doping Agency to review the status of IGF-1 as a banned substance.

IGF-1, a growth factor like human growth hormone, has been on the Tour’s banned substance list since it began testing in 2008, but on April 30 Singh was absolved of any violation or sanctions after he admitted to using deer-antler spray, which contains IGF-1.

In a statement released by WADA on May 11, the agency reiterated what it told the Tour last month: “IGF-1 is a prohibited substance and has been included on the prohibited list for years. On the other hand, very small quantities of IGF-1 can be found naturally in animal products (e.g. colostrums, deer antler velvet).

“WADA has referred this issue to the List Committee as part of the current list review process to assist WADA in further evaluating those circumstances under which these natural products should be considered as prohibited,” the statement read.

WADA, however, did warn athletes about the potential for a positive test if they use products that contain IGF-1, and the Tour continues to list the growth factor on its banned substances list.

Last week, Singh filed suit against the Tour for “violating its duty of care and good faith.”