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Brewers, Nats are “out in front” on Carl Pavano

I spent this morning at the doctor’s office getting my annual checkup. First one since, like, 2003, so I should probably look up the term “annual.” In any event it went well. When my doctor asked me if I’m still practicing law I told him no, that I was a baseball blogger. I got the same response I normally get when I say that: “really?” That’s combined with a face that basically says “that’s a job?” Alas. He was nice, though: as soon as he said that he asked me if I’ve ever seen “that PBS documentary about baseball. The one with all of the old footage in it. Kind of goes over the whole history?” I’m beginning to suspect that my doctor isn’t the biggest baseball fan.

Anyway: back to the grind:

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe tells us that the Brewers and Nationals are “out in front” in the “Carl Pavano sweepstakes.” Just like I can tell what my doctor’s facial expressions mean, I can detect tone from certain tweets, and I think Mr. Cafardo is being sarcastic in calling this a “sweepstakes.”

Not that Pavano wouldn’t be a prize. Especially for the Brewers, whose starting pitching was a freakin’ train wreck last season. Pavano would be a nice addition. Between that and the Brewers deciding that they’re going to keep Prince Fielder, one gets the sense that they’re really going to try and go for it next year.