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Do Sox fans boo Manny tomorrow night?

For the first time since his 2008 trade, Manny Ramirez will visit Fenway Park tomorrow night. The Boston Globe asks this morning what kind of reception Hub fans will give the kid.

I’d like to think that Sox fans will take a reflective approach to it all, remember that if it wasn’t for Manny they wouldn’t have two World Series championships to celebrate and give him a nice respectful applause. That’s what Mooseinohio -- a longtime reader and bigtime Sox fan -- said he’d do if he were there:

Personally I would give him a nice golf clap out of respect for his time in Boston and participate in a little mocking type ‘Manny...Manny’ the first time he makes an out or an error (just a little bit of snarkiness to express frustration with his end of the bad relationship with RSN).

Seems fair enough. But what with the PED suspension, the fact that he left in a cloud of controversy and all of that, you have to assume mostly boos, right?

Sox fans: would you boo Manny tomorrow not, and if so, why?