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Francoeur for the All-Star Game

I’ve known Sports Illustrated’s Tim Marchman -- in that way that people know each other on the Internet -- for a year or two now. And I thought we were friends and everything. So why he’s trying to raise my blood pressure and force me into having a heart attack I don’t know, but he’s doing it anyway. From his All-Star picks column:

Right field: Jeff Francoeur, Atlanta: Apologies to Justin Upton, but when baseball no longer has a place for the likes of Francoeur, a player so extravagantly talented that he can hold down a major league job despite seemingly having little more idea of what to do with that talent than a tomcat, baseball will no longer be worth watching.

May as well agitate for a contract extension while you’re at it, Tim. Sheesh.

(thanks to reader Ernest O. for the link)