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Gas station sexual enhancement pills are apparently a PED problem now

Chrysler At Gas Station

A petrol pump attendant filling up a Chrysler car at an Amoco station, 1958. (Photo by FPG/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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Jeff Passan just dropped some interesting news on a slow news day. Major League Baseball, it seems, has sent a memo out to players warning them that over-the-counter sexual-enhancement pills -- the sort often sold at gas stations or via late night TV ads as as “male enhancement” products -- run the risk of giving players positive PED test results due to contamination with products that violate the league’s substance abuse policy.

Passan’s report says that use of these products is rampant among ballplayers. He also says this that “at least two players this year were suspended for performance-enhancing drugs and claimed the banned substances found in their urine came from the unregulated products . . .”

If we assume that he’s only talking about major leaguers here, it’s probably worth noting that there have only been three positive PED tests among major leaguers so far this year: Tim Beckham, Frankie Montas and Steven Wright. So, um, maybe someone wants to go track these dudes down and ask them if they’ve bought any “RhinoZen Black Fire” or whatever.

No, I do not know of that product personally. I read about it. REALLY!

Anyway, just another normal day in the big leagues.

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