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Jose Reyes tears a tendon in his hamstring

Jose Reyes can add “small tear in a hamstring tendon” to his list of health issues:

Don’t count on seeing Jose Reyes back on the field anytime soon.

Reyes, who removed himself from an extended spring-training game Wednesday after his second at-bat with continued right calf discomfort, had an MRI in New York Thursday that revealed what the Mets said in a statement was a “small tear in his right hamstring tendon, a new injury.” The statement also said, “Reyes will rest for two days and then resume treatment.”

As James at Amazin’ Avenue notes, the key to whether this is merely bad news or disastrous news has less to do with how Reyes responds to treatment and rehab than it does to how Omar Minaya responds to it:

Dear Omar,

Please do not purge the farm system for Matt Holliday or Carlos Lee. Seeking out a blockbuster trade at this point would be silly, as most other GMs (yes, even Ed Wade) can sense the semi-desperate circumstances surrounding your team . . . Take a deep breath and realize that the Mets’ core is outstanding and still relatively young. Residing in your improving minor league system are young fireballers Brad Holt and Jenrry Mejia, an OBP-machine of a catcher in Josh Thole, and a 20 year-old outfield phenom named Fernando Martinez. None of them should be wearing Oakland Athletics green and yellow uniforms at any point this season.

I’m not the biggest Omar Minaya admirer in the world, but I have to think that even he wouldn’t go all-in for yet another corner outfielder type. If he does anything silly it will be to try and fix the specific hole that Reyes’ injuries have created -- leadoff hitter and/or shortstop -- and I don’t believe that there’s anyone available that fits that description for whom even a panicky Minaya would risk mortgaging the future.

Though I’m sure nervous Mets fans will tell me if I’m wrong about this.