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Miller Park flooded

In the past, when snow, storms and floods have made baseball an impossible task someplace, Miller Park in Milwaukee has pinch-hit as the “home” park for the affected team. Now, it seems, it may need a pinch-hitter of its own:

Miller Park sustained significant flooding after a band of severe storms slammed Milwaukee late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, and crews have worked around the clock since then to clean up the mess and replace damaged carpet, drywall and furniture . . . The key concern on Sunday afternoon was the electrical system. As the Brewers were playing the final innings of their 3-2 loss in Detroit, power was just being restored at Miller Park, substation by substation.

Water rose knee-high in several areas of the ballpark’s service level, which includes office and storage space for the Brewers, Sportservice and the sheriff’s department. It was only ankle-deep in the main areas of the clubhouse, according to a team spokesperson, sparing the equipment left behind in the players’ lockers . . . “I’d say it’s functional, but not normal,” Brewers assistant general manager Gord Ash said. “It’s a big deal, and it’s probably going to be a period of time before it’s taken care of.”

The immediately affected series is against the Twins. Sense would dictate that it be shifted to Minnesota. It’s close, it will be empty, and there’s no chance whatsoever of a rainout. I’m sure some Brewer fans would complain about losing a couple of home games, but it seems like it would be well worth it if it gave crews a little more time to fix all of the damage.