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The Nats treat their employees to a Cardinals playoff game

Nationals cap logo

Gonna be honest. Starting to get worried about my pick of the Nats as World Series champs. I mean, anything can happen in a short series, but I don’t feel like Washington is gonna win it all this year.

In other news, the Nationals are giving a treat to their employees. A trip to St. Louis to watch another baseball team play in the playoffs.

I became aware of this when a Nats fan I know tweeted it. Here’s how it’s playing there:

The Nats are tone-deaf, a continuing series:

— Chris Needham (@needham_chris) October 17, 2013

What say you, other Nats fans? My sense is that, if I was an employee, I’d think it’s kind of nice. But it’s hard to disagree with Chris that this is a bit tone deaf as a matter of public relations. At best it’s a great opportunity for people to make fun of the Nats.

Not that anyone around here would ever do that.