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What they’re saying about Mark Buehrle’s perfect game

The blogosphere reacts just as much to DeWayne Wise’s catch as they do Buehrle’s perfect game:

Sports by Brooks: “Say, remember a couple days ago when White Sox fans were whipped up in a lather about Ozzie Guillen’s decision to demote Brian Anderson instead of DeWayne Wise in order to make room for Carlos Quentin? Remember how people had gone so far as to claim racism in emails to Guillen? Well, it turns out that was far more of a consequential decision than anybody could have imagined . . . Maybe we should just let Ozzie make the personnel decisions in peace from here on out, folks.”

On that same note, South Side Sox says: “would BA have had it?”

And the Sun Times blog too: “That’s why D. Wise is on the team. The BA lovers can now shutup.”

Rob Neyer: “Well, Mark Buehrle has thrown two more no-hitters than Roger Clemens, Greg Maddux, and Tom Glavine. Combined. Does that mean Buehrle’s a Hall of Famer someday, too? Hardly.”

Danny Knobler, CBS Sports: “With a week to go before the July 31 deadline, the White Sox were supposedly focused on starting pitching and center field. This afternoon, sure enough, the White Sox were focused on a starting pitcher and a center fielder. Mark Buehrle. Dewayne Wise. Who needs a trade?”

Bronx Banter: “Why baseball matters: Because on any given day something great can happen.”

Over the Monster: “It would have been cool if Buehrle had pitched his perfect game in a Red Sox uniform. Unfortunately, knowing our porous defense, it probably would’ve been a 10-run rout for Tampa.”

I think the most telling thing about all of this is how underrepresented the White Sox are in the blogosphere. If this had happened on any number of other teams I would have had to sift through dozens of blog posts about it. As it is this, and a whole bunch of short “Mark Buehrle threw a perfecto; neat” posts is all there really is this morning. Maybe that’s not a bad thing. Overanalysis can be a drag sometimes, and what Buehrle -- and DeWise -- did kind of speaks for itself, ya know?