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Motocross 2023: Results and points after SuperMotocross Round 20 at Thunder Valley

Brothers Jett and Hunter Lawrence continued their scorching start to the Motocross season, claiming overall wins in the 450 and 250 class, respectively, in Lakewood, Colo.

Jett Lawrence produced another perfect performance in Pro Motocross Round 3 at Thunder Valley in Lakewood, Colorado and the results show him stretching his lead in the championship battle. By winning all six motos of the 2023 season, Lawrence has amassed 150 points, giving him a lead of 34 over second. At his current pace, Lawrence could have a more-than one full round advantage on the field as early as Round 5 At RedBud in Buchanan, Michigan.

MX Thunder Valley 2023 Cooper Webb

Cooper Webb finished second in Moto 1 but fell to fifth in the second race. - Align Media

Lawrence won both motos at Thunder Valley in the same manner as he did the previous two rounds. He took the lead immediately, rode hard in the opening laps to develop a gap and then managed it for the remainder of the race. Through three rounds, Lawrence has not only swept the motos, he’s set the fastest time in qualification each week, led every lap and earned the holeshot in all but one moto.

Aaron Plessinger finished second overall with results of fourth in Moto 1 and second in Moto 2. His day was adventurous. At the beginning of the first race, he and Dylan Ferrandis collided in a corner and both crashed. Plessinger remounted in 25th and rode through the field. He found the top 10 at the halfway point and skillfully navigated deep ruts until he was in the top five with four minutes remaining on the clock.

RESULTS: Click here for full 450 Results; Click here for 250 Results

Cooper Webb finished second in the first moto and spent a lot of the second race in that same position. He faded in Moto 2 but kept his perfect record of moto top-fives alive by finishing fifth. Webb entered the round 38 points behind Chase Sexton in SuperMotocross World Championship and scored exactly what he needed to tie Sexton for the No. 1 seed.

Sexton has now missed two rounds due to a concussion suffered in a practice session following the season-opener at Fox Raceway. Cooper Webb missed three main events after sustaining a concussion at Nashville in the Supercross Round 15.

Moto 1 Results | Lap Chart | Fastest Segment Laps | Moto 2 Results | Lap Chart | Fastest Segment Laps | Consolation Race

Adam Cianciarulo has improved in each round so far in the 2023 Motocross season. He was sixth at Fox Raceway, fifth at Hangtown and secured fourth-place results at Thunder Valley with moto finishes of third and sixth. Combined with his Supercross results, Cianciarulo now has four top-fives in his last five starts and a current streak of 11 top-10s.

Rounding out the top five with results of seventh and third, Dylan Ferrandis had to overcome the same Lap 1 crash that slowed Plessinger. It took a few seconds longer to remount his bike in Moto 1 and Ferrandis fell back to 33rd. He minimized the points’ damage by finishing seventh, but with Lawrence setting an unrelenting pace, losing 16 points in Round 3 is liable to haunt him for the next few weeks. Ferrandis maintained his runner-up position in the standings, but Webb is now only four points behind.

Ty Masterpool narrowly missed the top five on a tiebreaker. He was the top privateer last week and kept the momentum alive with a fifth-place finish in Moto 1. He looked even stronger in the second race and was on his way to a podium finish, but under pressure from Ferrandis, he bobbled in the final lap and fell to fourth. With an impressive 5-4, he finished sixth overall.

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If Hunter Lawrence can ever stay out of trouble in Moto 1, he will rival his brother as the undisputed master of a Motocross round. He was slowed but not felled by a Lap 1 accident in the first race that almost completely blocked the track. After falling back as far as seventh, Lawrence rode forward and finished second in the race. The first three Motocross races have each followed the same pattern and Lawrence dominated Moto 2 for the overall victory.

MX Thunder Valley Justin Cooper cross ruts

Deep ruts kept Justin Cooper for challenging for the Moto 2 win. - Align Media

At the beginning of the afternoon, it appeared this would be Justin Cooper’s time to unseat Lawrence. He got off to a great start in Moto 1 and rode away to a 10-second advantage. He was leading early in Moto 2 before he got caught between two ruts and nearly high sided. While he managed to keep from going over the handlebars, he crashed and dropped to 11th at the end of the first lap. Cooper recovered to finish fourth overall and now trails Lawrence by 16 points in the standings.

Moto 1 Results | Lap Chart | Fastest Segment Laps | Moto 2 Results | Lap Chart | Fastest Segment Laps | Consolation Race

Levi Kitchen scored his first top-five of the season with results of fifth in Moto 1 and second in Moto 2. His Achilles Heel in 2023 has been slow starts, but he completed Lap 1 in second place for each of the races.

Jo Shimoda was one of several riders who crashed in the opening lap of Moto 1. He overcame the fall to finish third in the first race but could not keep his speed into the second and finished eight. With uneven results for most of the field at Thunder Valley, Shimoda was fourth overall in Pro Motocross Round 3.

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Three riders ended the day with 30 points each, so the final position in the top five overall was decided by the tiebreaker of who had the best finish in Moto 2. After finishing 11th in his first race of the afternoon, Chance Hymas saved his best for when it counted the most. Riding the bike that Jett Lawrence took to the Supercross 250 West championship, Hymas scored the first moto podium of his career.

With results of seventh and fifth, Maximus Vohland was credited with sixth in the overall results.

Jordon Smith’s consistent sixth-place finishes in both races put him seventh on the chart.

2023 Motocross Results

Round 2: Jett Lawrence, Hunter Lawrence win
Round 1: Jett Lawrence, Hunter Lawrence win

2023 Supercross Results

Round 17: Chase Sexton, Jett Lawrence win
Round 16: Chase Sexton, RJ Hampshire win
Round 15: Chase Sexton, Hunter Lawrence win
Round 14: Justin Barcia, Max Anstie win
Round 13: Chase Sexton, Hunter Lawrence win
Round 12: Eli Tomac, Jett Lawrence win
Round 11: Eli Tomac bounces back with sixth win
Round 10: Chace Sexton wins, penalized
Round 9: Ken Roczen wins
Round 8: Eli Tomac wins 7th Daytona
Round 7: Cooper Webb wins second race
Race 6: Eli Tomac, Jett Lawrence win
Race 5: Cooper Webb, Hunter Lawrence win
Race 4: Eli Tomac, Hunter Lawrence win
Race 3: Chase Sexton, Levi Kitchen win
Race 2: Eli Tomac, Jett Lawrence win
Round 1: Eli Tomac, Jett Lawrence win

2023 SuperMotocross Power Rankings

Week 19: Jett Lawrence pulls away
Week 18: Jett Lawrence rockets to the top
Week 16: Chase Sexton takes SX title
Week 15: Eli Tomac is back on top
Week 14: Justin Barcia, most of top 20, hold steady
Week 13: Justin Barcia leapfrogs the Big Three
Week 12: Eli Tomac gains momentum
Week 11: Cooper Webb, Eli Tomac overtake Chase Sexton
Week 10: Chase Sexton leads with consistency
Week 8: Chase Sexton unseats Eli Tomac
Week 7: Jason Anderson narrowly trails Eli Tomac
Week 6: Perfect Oakland night keeps Eli Tomac first
Week 5: Cooper Webb, Chase Sexton close gap
Week 4: Eli Tomac retakes lead
Week 3: Ken Roczen takes the top spot
Week 2: Ken Roczen moves up; Chase Sexton falls
Week 1: Eli Tomac tops 450s; Jett Lawrence 250s