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WEC: Aston Martin Racing upgrades GTE car for 2016

AMR Vantage 2016

Aston Martin Racing will introduce a new range of GT racing cars for the 2016 season including an updated Vantage for the FIA World Endurance Championship.

In a statement issued on Friday, AMR unveiled its new car that comes into line with the updated regulations for the GTE classes in the WEC in 2016.

“The new Vantage GTE, which is used by the Aston Martin Racing works team in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), has been redesigned for the new 2016 GTE regulations,” the team said. “The car is currently undergoing its 2016 Balance of Performance (BOP) test with the FIA in France.

“The new 2016 GTE regulations allow for significant changes to the car’s aerodynamics to increase downforce and reduce lap times. The most striking of these is the ability to fit an extended rear diffuser, which can now protrude 100mm beyond the rear of the car.

“The rear wing can also be extended to the same distance. At the front, the splitter has been redesigned to improve airflow under the car, to optimise the new diffuser.”

AMR technical director Dan Sayers explained the changes to the Vantage for 2016, saying: “The FIA wants to increase the performance gap between GTE and GT3 and by focusing primarily on the underfloor aero, it means the cars still retain the identity of the road car.

“Also the focus on aero, rather than engine or mechanical changes, also means we avoid the need for extensive and costly endurance testing.”

AMR also decided to take advantage of the regulation change in GTE to update the GT3 and GT4 Vantage, allowing for greater integration within its racing programme.

“We have also taken the opportunity to increase the commonality of parts across the range, taking parts proven in WEC and Le Mans on the GTE and using them in the GT3, and likewise with components from the GT3 for the GT4,” Sayers said.

“Not only will this improve our customer cars, but it should also allow us to pass on cost savings too.”

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