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Joey Logano, wife Brittany open up about pregnancy struggles (video)

Joey and Brittany Logano's baby boy is due in January 2018, but the path to becoming parents hasn't been easy for the young couple. The Loganos open up about Brittany's polycystic ovarian syndrome diagnosis and IVF.

Joey Logano and wife Brittany shared their struggles with pregnancy in an interview with Krista Voda that appeared on NASCAR America before Saturday night’s Cup race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Shortly after they were married, Brittany was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a common health problem caused by an imbalance of reproductive hormones that can lead to infertility.

“Even if it’s not going to happen the way that we want it to, I’m fine adopting,’' Brittany told Voda. "(Joey) is fine adopting because there are so many kids without homes.’'

The couple tried in vitro fertilization. After a setback, Brittany became pregnant. They are expecting their first child in January 2018.

“If I had one regret,’' Brittany told Voda, “I wish I would have shared it when I was in the pit. I want to let people know they’re not alone. One awesome things about pain and struggle is it’s an equalizer. Everybody goes through it.’'

For more on the couple, check out the video above.