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Andrew Bynum once drove his Ferrari around Philadelphia with gas nozzle, hose dragging behind

Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum’s hair, via Jordan Raanan on twitter.

When discussing Andrew Bynum’s NBA career, the word “focused” doesn’t come up. Well, it did for one stretch when he worked hard to get in shape and sharpen his game before a contract season came up, but after that Bynum went back to being Bynum.

This story is pretty much vintage Bynum.

It comes from ESPN’s Pablo S. Torre’s fantastic piece about the Sixers’ rebuilding (hat tip to KD at Ball Don’t Lie).

Their would-be star was a hazardous fit -- sometimes even literally. One day, memorably, the rehabbing big man parked next to Aaron Barzilai, DiLeo’s newly hired director of basketball analytics, in the parking lot of the team facility at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. As Bynum shuffled inside, Barzilai noticed something on their would-be star’s custom black Ferrari and called after him. Bynum, it turned out, had driven away from a gas station without removing the pump’s nozzle and eight-
foot rubber hose, which he’d dragged, pythonlike, through the street.

Andrew Bynum is an interesting person with widely varied interests. He built his own computers, he read books (fairly rare in NBA circles), he liked to travel to Europe every summer. He has a lot of interests.

Basketball just wasn’t always one of them. He liked the game, but he didn’t love it (a trait more common among big men then guards). It was not his top priority, and when his body started to break down he was not the most focused guy ever on rehab. To put it kindly.

As that story showcases, he wasn’t focused on a lot of things.