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Bobcats’ Gerald Henderson receives warning for violating league’s anti-flopping rule (VIDEO)

Gerald Henderson

Gerald Henderson of the Bobcats became the latest player to be warned for violating the league’s anti-flopping rule on Wednesday, and there’s little doubt that his dive against the Mavericks on Tuesday was worthy of its distinction.

With his back to the defender, Henderson simply takes a leap toward the sideline with the ball in his hand and hits the deck, and it’s clear from the replay that the defender did absolutely nothing to warrant Henderson’s action.

As we’ve discussed many times, all the initial warning does is shame the offending player into potentially cleaning up his act in the future. The fines aren’t serious enough to prevent the game’s fiercest competitors from doing what they can to fool the officials into making a call in their favor in hopes of gaining an advantage in real time, even if it costs them in the form of some embarrassment or a small amount of cash at some point in the future.