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De’Aaron Fox’s dad calls for Kings to trade Marvin Bagley III

Marvin Bagley III’s father publicly asked the Kings to trade his son.

De’Aaron Fox’s dad seems ready for Sacramento to oblige.

Aaron Fox:

Neither Marvin Bagley III nor De’Aaron Fox has said anything publicly about this. Bagley shot down potential questions about his dad’s tweet.

But this must be at least somewhat awkward between the teammates. I just don’t see how that’s avoidable.

Players’ parents have called for roster moves before. Sometimes, that’s known within a team. This differs because the saga has played out so publicly.

Fox is the Kings’ franchise player. Does Aaron Fox want Bagley gone just because Bagley isn’t fully on board with the Fox-centric program? Or does Aaron Fox have more-specific issues with Bagley? Does De’Aaron Fox share his father’s sentiment? How does Bagley feel about all this?

The players could reduce tension by speaking to some of these questions. Maybe they already have privately. But their dads turned this into a public spectacle, which means outside observers want answers, too.