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Derrick Rose on Knicks’ super-team status: “I still believe that”

Earlier this summer, Derrick Rose made waves when he referred to the new-look Knicks, who added himself and former Bulls teammate Joakim Noah, as a “super-team.” It was a bizarre claim, considering Noah and Rose have declined considerably due to injury over the years and teaming them with Carmelo Anthony and an up-and-coming prospect like Kristaps Porzingis isn’t going to have the kind of earth-shattering impact it would have in, say, 2011. But Rose isn’t backing off his claims. During a recent interview in Korea, Rose reiterated that position but admitted he should have chosen his words more carefully, or at least considered setting.

“I still believe that,” Rose said in the interview (via “With that super-team term, I have to be careful with that term, I guess in the United States. “

Unfortunately for Rose, the internet exists, and comments he makes will be heard by people no matter where he is located when he makes them. Whether he says the Knicks are a super-team while he’s in New York or Korea or on the moon, it’s still an absurd claim in 2016.

You can watch Rose’s full interview above.