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Dirk Nowitzki explains Mavericks not giving Rajon Rondo a playoff share, says ‘I think that got blown out of proportion’

Dallas Mavericks v Portland Trail Blazers

Dallas Mavericks v Portland Trail Blazers

NBAE/Getty Images

The Mavericks and Rajon Rondo agreed to a mutual parting of ways after he seemed to quit on on his team early in the second half of a first-round playoff game against the Rockets.

The Dallas organization, clearly not pleased with how the midseason acquisition of Rondo transpired, seemed to stick it to him on his way out the door by excluding him from the customary distribution of bonus money each club gets for making it to the postseason.

But Dirk Nowitzki says the players had nothing to do with it, and believes too much was made of the Mavericks’ decision.

From The Dallas Morning News:

Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki joined KTCK-AM 1310 on Monday afternoon. Here are some highlights:

On if the team voted to not give Rajon Rondo a playoff share:

“No, we actually didn’t vote. It was just the guys who were there that day got a playoff share. What we usually do is give a lot of weight to the guys that work for you all season long; the locker room guys, the equipment guys, the trainers, the massage guys [or] whoever you feel helped you get through the season. We usually divide it up and then give them a lot of money. I think that got blown out of proportion. It’s not like it was that much money. I don’t think Rondo would have cared either way.”

The total amount the Mavericks had to distribute was $208,940, which gets fairly small individually when divided up as many ways as Nowitzki explained. And, his assertion that Rondo wouldn’t have cared seems especially true when we’re talking about professional athletes who have earned in the tens of millions of dollars.

When hearing the logistics of it how it all went down, it no longer sounds as anything that would resemble an intended slight, despite how it seems on the surface.