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Eddy Curry picks up player option, Knicks fans dream of a trade that won’t happen.

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Eddy Curry is now owed $11.2 million for next season -- he picked up the player option. Like everyone sane knew he would, because where else is Curry going to make that money?

Of course, a few Knicks fans didn’t see that coming. Now twitter and sports talk radio airwaves are filled with Knicks fans with a plan -- someone who wants to take on Curry’s contract. Brilliant draft-day trades that net the Knicks a good pick and/or a good player.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

Near the trade deadline you may be able to find a team that would take the salary dump. Right now, every team holds out some level of hope for next year. Nobody will take on $11 million contract of a guy who has been basically out a couple years with an injury and is not expected to give you anything this season. Not now. Not with hope in the air.

Curry said he would be open to a buyout, according to the Daily News. I would be open to being given a Lamborghini. About the same likelihood.