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Grizzlies’ James Johnson swats a shot from Jeff Teague into the stands (VIDEO)

demarre carroll

Normally when a player rejects a shot attempt so violently that the ball ends up in the stands, it isn’t the soundest of defensive basketball plays.

Sure, that particular shot was defended, but knocking it out of bounds gives the team an extra possession, which basically just hits the reset button for the defense.

Ideally, you want your team’s big men to block a shot and keep it in play by tapping it to a teammate, or at the very least allowing the possession to continue as the shot clock continues to wind down.

It is acceptable, however, to swat a shot like this in two instances: In an early part of a game as a form of intimidation, or late when the final outcome has essentially been decided. This one falls into the latter category, with Memphis up by 10 over Atlanta with just over two and a half minutes remaining, so sit back and enjoy James Johnson spiking this shot from Jeff Teague a few rows deep into the stands.