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Jeopardy contestants draw a blank on an all-time NBA great

Not everyone watches basketball. I get that. Yet there are certain players -- certain names, even -- that are so big they transcend the fan population. Tim Duncan is one such player. Duncan is the best of his generation, a perfect marriage of efficient offense and stifling defense. He’s hit every statistical milestone one could reasonably expect of him, and led the Spurs to four NBA titles, including three in five years. He’s on Wheaties boxes, he’s at All-Star games, and generally speaking, he’s a spokesman for the game.

They don’t come much better or more significant than Tim Duncan. Even those that detest the Spurs’ meticulous style (shame on you) can admit that much.

All of that being said, why is it that Duncan couldn’t get any love when Alex Trebek finally clued up his name on Jeopardy?

Pitiful. Just pitiful. Carmelo Anthony? Really, guy?

Also: I know the Jeopardy “answer” describes Duncan as a center. That’s a conversation we’re not having. Point and laugh at the unenlightened and then call it a night.

Video via ShareBro Graydon Gordian.