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Joel Embiid, Richaun Holmes, others react to Bryan Colangelo Twitter story

The 76ers are launching an investigation into Bryan Colangelo's alleged Twitter accounts, but public perception has already brought the hammer down on Colangelo.

Back in September, Kevin Durant had some explaining to do when it was figured out he had a burner account he used to defend himself and criticize other players. Now, that’s now not even the wildest, weirdest Twitter story of the NBA season. This league has gone insane.

Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo may — and we emphasize “may” because, despite a mountain of circumstantial evidence, this is not proven — have had five Twitter burner accounts he used to defend himself, criticize players on his team, take shots at former GM Sam Hinkie, goad Sixers media and push them toward stories, and generally vent. Which would be an incredibly stupid thing for a person in a position of power to do, but then you look around the world at other people in positions of power and say, “maybe he would, stupid is winning the war.”

The Sixers Richaun Holmes was laughing.

Joel Embiid, the Sixers’ star and one of the targets of some of the accounts, had some fun joking around on Twitter about this, but then added this.

It would be. Which is why other executives around the league seem to have doubts.

That said, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence here, both in terms of who was followed by the accounts, the timing of some things, and (as Woj reported) that much of what was said on these accounts mirrors things Colangelo allegedly said to other executives and people around the Sixers.

Nobody is sure what to believe. Check out Trevor Booker’s timeline.

Other people from the NBA just had fun with it.