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Kevin Love donates $100,000 to help Cavaliers’ support, arena staff

NBA players will get paid during this suspension in play. There is specific language in the CBA that makes sure players still get their checks during certain unforeseen circumstances, and “epidemics” is specifically listed as one such case.

However, the ushers, ticket takers, concessionaires, janitorial staff, and a lot of other hourly workers at arenas around the league will no longer get their hours or checks during this stoppage. It’s not just the NBA games, arenas often host other sporting events — such as NHL games — as well as concerts and other events. Every one of those will be canceled in the short term, leaving thousands of people around the nation with a drastically reduced income. That’s not to mention the support staff around the teams not on salary.

Kevin Love wants to do his part to help out in Cleveland.

The Cavaliers are with him.

It’s not only Love and the Cavs. Both Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks and the Atlanta Hawks have takes steps to set up funds to help arena workers, and other teams are expected to follow suit.

It’s a generous gesture by Love, and a reminder of how big the NBA’s reach is and how many people’s livelihoods are tied to the games. Hopefully, there will be enough people stepping forward to help these workers through this suspension.

And, hopefully, the suspension doesn’t last that long.